Benefits of Installing a Stone Fireplace In Your Home


A fireplace is something that immediately draws the eye in any home. Whether large or small, a fireplace is sure to be a centerpiece in a room and something that should be beautifully designed because, inevitably, everyone will notice it. No matter what your home decor taste is, nothing exudes class, style and timeless elegance like stone does. A stone surround on a fireplace can come in a wide variety of materials such as Cantera, limestone, soapstone and much more to suit anyone’s personal style and design aesthetic.

So, why choose a natural stone fireplace surround rather than, perhaps, a more traditional brick hearth? Brick is certainly a classic look for a fireplace but it does not leave much room for personalization. Brick sets a particular tone for the room that decor must then take its cues from. If your design style does not coordinate with brick, you are stuck. A natural stone fireplace can be designed in a variety of styles to perfectly enhance any room and help compliment your specific design style. It instantly enhances any room with its stately elegance and is sure to be a topic of conversation for anyone who visits your home. With a wide variety of colors, patterns and materials there is sure to be a mantel that is ideal for your home. Additionally, stone mantels are some of the most safe and durable mantel options available. They will not splinter or crumble and will stand the test of time against regular fireplace use. Additionally, because stone mantels are a fireplace surround with legs they are a safer option because homeowners will not need to worry about how well a mantel is anchored on the wall. No worrying about anything coming crashing down! Not only will a stone fireplace mantel give you many years of enjoyable and beautiful use but, should you ever decide to move, it will prove to be a wise investment. Savvy buyers are looking for high end finishes and a stone fireplace mantel will add the value and beauty to your home that you want when selling a home. Your home’s value will be increased and with high end finishes like a stone fireplace mantel you will likely sell your home more quickly and for more money. Other finishes may try to achieve the same level of elegance as a stone fireplace mantel but they are simply imposters. A stone fireplace mantel will enhance any home in a way that no other mantel can.