Uses for Corbels in Your Home

Nobody wants a cookie cutter, generic home that looks like a model or showroom.  While model homes or showrooms are beautiful, they are completely impersonal and lack certain characteristics that give a home charm, elegance, uniqueness, and interest.  Often, it is the small and somewhat overlooked details that give a home its subtle character.  For example, corbels can be used throughout both the interior and exterior of your home for both practical and decorative purposes.  Corbels can be made of a variety of materials but carved stone is timeless in its elegance and adds both perceived and real value to your home.  Corbels are one of those luxurious finishes that you expect to find in high-end custom homes but they can be used in any home to add character and unique decorative style.

Corbels can be used in a wide variety of applications throughout the interior and exterior of your home.  They can be used to decorate or support doorframes.  A boring, basic opening that connects one room to another can be made beautiful and eye-catching with the simple addition of carved stone corbels.  Corbels can be used under cabinetry or countertops in kitchens, bathrooms or laundry rooms for both support and decor purposes.  What is nice about corbels is that they do not have to match the material they are supporting, they can elegantly enhance wood cabinetry or countertops made of a wide range of materials.  They can be used along a ceiling in a room to draw the eye up, perhaps towards a beautiful decorative ceiling or just to make a room feel larger.  Corbels can be used to support beams in a room, taking standard beams from boring to beautiful.  Corbels can also be used around fireplaces to support carved stone mantels which not only create a stunning centerpiece for any room but add immense value to your home.  Finally, you can add shelving to any room in outside of your home by installing corbels on a wall with a shelf on top.  While this could be done with metal brackets, corbels are far more interesting and unique and add that “custom” feel to your home.  They are subtle enough to provide a separation for rooms but still visually interesting enough that they enhance your decor.

At Architectural Stone Elements, our corbels are crafted for structural support as well as decorative function.  We have volumes of designs in-house that range from simple to very elaborate – classic to modern.  You can bring in a sketch or picture of something you like and we can custom reproduce it to your selected dimensions and stone preference.  Corbels have always succeeded in adding that balance that gives a room or area a “completed” look.  Stone corbels can be used in any home decor and work beautifully to enhance your home’s other stone elements, elevating the overall design aesthetic of your home.