How To Use Columns In Your Home

Columns have been used in architecture for centuries and continue to be popular today.  There is a reason for this – columns are timeless in their beauty and elegance.  Today, there are a variety of column styles available so that you can incorporate that same timeless beauty into your home while also enhancing the architectural style of your home.  Some may think columns only belong in opulent homes with a very distinct, classic architectural style but, this is not the case.  At Architectural Stone Elements, we are proud to offer a wide selection of columns that can increase the aesthetic quality, as well as the monetary value of a residential property.

If you are considering adding columns to your home, whether remodeling or designing a new build, there are countless options available to you.  For example, Cantera Tuscan columns, made from natural stone, can come in a variety of shades /colors.  As a superior building material, Cantera stone is ideal for use in columns because of its durability and beauty.  Additionally, Tuscan and Doric columns may seem simple in their form to some, but what adds a truly special touch of depth and dimension is the varied hues of the stone.  While columns can be constructed of a variety of materials, natural stone has beauty in its uniqueness that cannot be replicated by other materials.   Further, Cantera stone columns can be made even more unique with the addition of additional features such as a Corinthian capital.  Corinthian columns with fluted shafts add a graceful elegance and eye-catching appeal to an already stunning architectural feature.

Architectural columns constructed of natural stone are versatile and durable, capable of being used both indoors and outdoors.  They can be purely decorative or can be used as actual support for the structure of your home. Natural stone columns make a wonderful adornment to an entryway, surrounding stairways, under balconies, to add a visual separation that creates “rooms” for a space that may be very large, or  to highlight or draw attention to certain indoor or outdoor architectural features.  Columns can be used around the outside structure of a home or throughout landscaping as a “hardscape” element that adds balance to the surrounding softscape, or around pools or gardens to support shade structures.  Columns are often used in custom homes but they can be added to homes to give it a more unique, custom feel that not only adds perceived value but tangible value as well as beauty and elegance that cannot be achieved through other decor.