Transform Your Fireplace With Natural Stone

As the centerpiece of a room, it is important that your fireplace be beautiful and elegant, as well as seamlessly coordinated with your home’s architectural and decor.  A boring or outdated fireplace is an eyesore, something that significantly detracts from the overall look and feel of a room.  When designing a home or remodeling, every detail should be paid attention to and a fireplace is no exception.  No matter the size or style of your home, a well-designed natural stone fireplace will add value and elevate the aesthetic of the home.

One of the first, and most obvious, advantages of installing a carved natural stone fireplace mantel or over-mantel is that it’s value and quality of craftsmanship is apparent.  Simply by adding a natural stone fireplace, you add a focal point to the room that makes the room look more high-end and finished.  Whether your home is custom or not, adding a skillfully crafted custom stone fireplace will give your home the uniqueness of a custom home.  It is an ideal way to add your individual style in a way that is stylish and timeless.

Next, inexpensive and mass produced home decor, hardware, fixtures, finishes and more tend to be made of cheap materials that will only last a short time before they begin to break or lose their luster.  A carved natural stone fireplace mantel or over-mantel is made of durable materials that are designed to last and last.  Natural stone has been used for centuries and, when well cared for, can last decades and even centuries while maintaining its beauty and style.  Not only will natural stone maintain its beauty and value, but those features can actually increase over time.  Natural stone weathers and ages beautifully, continuing to provide a completely unique and interesting look that is unlike anything that can be achieved from a mass-manufactured warehouse facility.  While brick fireplaces can last a long time as well, you are severely limited with the design style and look that it brings to a room.  Carved stone can be completely customized and designed to uniquely enhance your specific home, setting it apart from other homes that have natural stone as well.  Carved stone fireplace mantels and over-mantels are typically made of limestone and marble and can stand as a beautiful centerpiece for a room or additional natural carved stone accents can be added throughout the home for a lovely overall appearance that will not only wow guests but create the luxurious home of which you have always dreamed.