Create the Ultimate Entry to Your Home with Carved Stone

They say “don’t judge a book by its cover” but the reality is – first impressions really do matter.  This is true in life and this is true in architecture.  Many real estate agents will tell you that while staging the inside of a home with beautiful decor is important when showing a home, the exterior of your home is the first thing a potential buyer will see and it will set the tone for their experience once inside.  This is true whether or not you are selling your home.  To enter your home your guests must first approach your home and walk through the front entry.  If it is lackluster, boring, or unattractive it will set the tone for their experience.  Even if the inside of your home is stunning, your guests will remember that boring or strange front entry and it will skew their experience negatively.  When you have invested time and money in the architectural style and decor in your home nothing should detract from that beauty.  Rather, a front entry should introduce your guests to your home in a positive way and set the tone for what their experience will be once inside.  If you want to truly stun your guests and introduce them to the elegance and beauty of your home the ideal way to do so is with a carved stone entry.

A cookie cutter door is adequate but is adequate really the statement you want your entry to make?  Carved stone has been used for centuries by the elite and royalty because it is not only durable but incredibly elegant.  There are many ways to incorporate stone into the front entry of your home.  The path can consist of beautiful stone pavers.  The steps to your home can be made of stone, the rails or columns can be made of stone.  But, the true showstopper is a carved stone entry that surrounds your front door.  This can be made of a variety of different stone types and colors and can be cared in an assortment of patterns and styles to uniquely coordinate with your home’s architecture.  Cantera, limestone, marble and travertine are some of the stone varieties that provide beauty and durability along with style to your front entry. While you may think of this as an exclusively classic or rustic look it can be done with modern architecture as well. And, while it will seamlessly integrate to existing architecture, it will also enhance the overall look of your home by adding depth and layers of texture for increased visual interest.