How to Incorporate Stone Corbels In Your Home

When you think of architectural enhancements and interior design choices, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not stone corbels.  But, we would argue that it should be!  In homes or businesses in which you have been impressed or awed by the architecture or interior design, corbels were probably used in one way or another.  They can be subtle and understated, or opulent and elegant.  Stone corbels can be used to help display and support other heavy objects but they do not have to be purely functional, they can have great form as well.  Corbels can be made of many different materials but stone corbels add the timeless elegance and value that enhances a home in a way that no other corbel possibly can.

When displaying a heavy item, such as a stone fireplace mantel, sculpture, ceiling beams or a doorframe, a strong and sturdy stone corbel is the ideal piece to use to support your display.  Carved stone is heavier and more durable than other materials and therefore provides better support.  In their essence, corbels are support brackets, but stone corbels are much more beautiful than a metal bracket.  There is a reason that stone corbels that were used centuries ago are still standing today, they are beautiful and they can stand the test of time.  Everyone wants to put their own personal touches into their home’s architecture and design and stone corbels are an ideal way to do so.  There are stone corbel styles to coordinate with any home’s architectural design and decor.  There are more basic carved stone corbels that may coordinate better with a modern or transitional home and more intricately carved designs for traditional architecture styles.

You can incorporate stone corbels in a variety of ways into your home’s design and decor.  Stone corbels can be used in a purely decorative form, enhancing and highlighting architectural features both inside and outside.  Corbels often add balance and proportion, the detail that completes a look and enhances a home in just the right way.  Corbels can also be used to hold up shelves, any kind of shelf – stone, wood, glass or any other material and will add visual interest to any space.  Stone corbels can be used in door frames, archways, or under the ceiling to naturally draw the eye up and make a room feel bigger and more special. But, they do not have to just draw the eye up, they can be used under countertops or cabinetry as well.  For this reason, they are very popular for use in kitchens, which is great because the kitchen is often the room people spend most of their time in and entertain in.  Stone corbels provide beauty and distinction to an architectural feature, design feature or space in a room that might otherwise be simply ordinary.