Things you should know before purchasing a stone fountain.

Stone fountains are beautiful, timeless pieces that can truly elevate the aesthetics of your property’s facade, garden, or courtyard. Thanks to their ability to withstand natural elements and daily wear and tear, stone fountains are also elegant additions to increase the monetary value of your property.

They symbolize serenity and renewal, and the continuous flowing of water can help you create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere in which you can immerse by stepping out of your door. However, stone fountains might not be the right addition for every property, and there are some considerations to make before committing to this choice. Start from the ones below.

Stone Makes Your Fountain a Timeless Piece

There is an endless range of options when it comes down to picking a material for your fountain. However, stone has always been seen as one of the longer-lasting options, and you can still enjoy a broad range of options to choose from.

Some of these include:

  • Cartera Stone
  • Travertine
  • Limestone
  • Marble

When designing your stone fountain, these options allow you to pick your piece’s color, texture and look.

It Can Create a Focal Point

Opting for a hand-carved design is the best option to create a unique, one-of-a-kind piece that will give your property an exclusive and lavish look. However, your fountain won’t disappear in the background, and it is likely to create an important focal point in the surrounding space.

Therefore, it is crucial to create the right balance with the surrounding space. For this, you will need to have enough room to create harmonious symmetries and ensure that your fountain creates continuity with other stone elements that you have incorporated in the house.

It Needs To Be Powered

Your stone fountain will require three important aspects to run properly:

  • Access to water
  • A build-in or eternal pump
  • Electricity

These three aspects will require a degree of planning, so you can hook up the structure with your main power line and keep operating costs low.

Additionally, you might want to light up your fountain. In this case, it is necessary to speak to an expert electrician who can help you create the right light effects. If you prefer to opt for a fountain that does not come with lights, you should consider adding spotlights around it, so to keep it illuminated and make the area safer.

Care and Maintenance Will Make It Last Forever

Stone is one of the most durable and timeless materials to build your hand-carved fountain. It allows you to personalize the sculpture and obtain a unique piece of art to showcase in your garden. Nonetheless, like other materials, stone requires maintenance to last forever. Firstly, you should include your fountain in your cleaning routine and ensure that it is always free of debris, litter, and leaves.

Additionally, you should evaluate what the climate in your area is like. If you undergo extremely cold seasons, you will need to add an extra layer of protection to ensure that your fountain continues working beautifully.

If you are unsure whether a fountain is the best addition to your property, you should contact an expert designer who can guide you in this process.