Benefits of a non-built-in stone firepit.

There is nothing like a stone firepit to brighten up a dull backyard and transform it into an exclusive, comfortable place where to spend magical summer nights. But why opt for a non-built-in model instead of a built-in firepit? While the second might have been a staple of backyards and homes for a while, non-built-in, freestanding, or off-the-ground fire pits can create a magical atmosphere while also being highly versatile.

Finding the perfect stone fire pit for your backyard or home can be challenging, especially if you feel overwhelmed by the many options on the market. Here you can check out the benefits of non-built-in models and start your search in the right way.

A Freestanding Stone Fire Pit Is Highly Versatile

Built-in fireplaces and mantelpieces can give your home or backyard an austere, severe look that can definitely be impressive and create an outstanding focal point. However, over the past months, our homes have become much more than the place where we relax at the end of a hard day at work.

Today, flexibility and versatility are just as important as design and functionality. That is why opting for a freestanding fire pit can help you create a dynamic and adaptable space.

It Creates a Social Hotspot

Whether you want to gather with your friends in your garden or on the patio, your non-built-in firepit can come with you. Whether you love to enjoy s’mores around the fireplace in an informal setting or you are thinking about hosting a more sophisticated evening, a non-built-in fireplace can easily adapt to your needs – something that a cumbersome fireplace can’t do!

It Is Perfect for Outdoors

Fireplaces and built-in fire pits are great additions for spaces where you wish to create a stable focal point. For example, a fireplace in your living room or library can create a mesmerizing effect for you and your guests. However, outdoors, the same structure might become cumbersome and difficult to manage.

Oppositely, a light freestanding fire pit is perfect to be moved in the right area to accommodate your party. And, if it rains, you can just set up the party under your patio instead!

They Are Easy To Use, Install and Maintain

Unlike built-in fire pits, freestanding fire pits won’t have you deal with chimneys and large fireplace structures. A stone fire pit or fire bowl allows you to create additional lounge space outdoors with minimal set-up planning and time. These devices are also easy to clean, move, and maintain, making them a great addition for any homeowner who does not wish to deal with maintenance and repair costs.

Additionally, because they are made of resistant stone, you can count on your fire pit to be with you for years to come. Ultimately, mobile or off-the-ground fire pits will also be easier to install, as they often don’t need to meet the requirements that limit the use of in-ground fire pits.

Personalized Aesthetics

While functional and versatile, stone non-built-in fire pits are also beautiful additions to any home, and they can also truly transform the atmosphere in your backyard. A stone fire pit will bring a classical, elegant look to your backyard, which can be coupled with a more modern style or can complement your home’s classical look. Speak to a professional designer to find the perfect design for your needs.