Tips for picking the correct style stone corbels for your house or project.

Refining your home’s aesthetics is all about attention to detail. With the correct style, material, and size, stone corbels can truly elevate your property’s design and atmosphere. Whether they have decorative or supportive purposes, corbels can transform a plain entrance into a lavish doorway. When placed strategically, they can create a balance between classical architecture and modern design, and they can add a subtle but unmissable detail to your kitchen hearth or fireplace. With such an extensive choice of materials and styles, it is easy to feel overwhelmed – you can find all the tips you need to start your search here.

Evaluate Your Home’s Style

Stone corbels come in a wide range of styles, from more streamlined lines to elaborate carvings. They can bring together the stone elements in your property, such as columns, and can be fitted in various locations – from supporting porches to decorating a mantlepiece.

Because of their versatility, it is crucial to find a style that truly compliments your home’s design. Indeed, a too rich style might create a cluttered look, while plain lines might cause your hand-carved corbels to disappear in the background.

However, corbels have great potential when it comes down to creating the right atmosphere. Indeed, with the right design, you can add a modern touch to your classical-looking home, enhancing the look of a dull hallway or entrance. For an exclusive look, you might also consider a tailor-made corbel created on an original design of your choice.

Speak to a professional architect to find the right style for your home.

Understand the Corbel’s Purpose

Not all corbels are the same or suitable for the same purpose. If you have noticed small corbels on cabinetry and tables, the chances are that they are designed with a decorative purpose in mind. These corbels are usually pieces of art designed to elevate the space’s aesthetics.

However, corbels can also be functional and supportive. For example, if you are thinking about extending the porch area or a veranda, corbels can help you support the roof stylishly and elegantly. For these types of corbels, it is important to speak to an engineer or architect who can tell you exactly what measurements and materials to follow to build a new structure safely and efficiently.

Additionally, you might find that the corbels can support shelves just like nails could, but they also create a style that other only-functional elements might not offer.

Select the Right Stone

Corbels come in a variety of stones and materials. If you have invested in other stone elements in your home – such as columns or fountains – you might decide to create continuity between these elements by using a similar stone.

Some of the ones available include:

  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Travertine
  • Cantera Stone

These stones are not only different in look, but they also boast different hardness and texture. Some marble elements might be more suitable for decorative purposes – because of how beautiful, and refined this material is.

Alternatively, elements such as Limestone and Cantera Stone can withstand the test of time, and they are also used for supportive purposes or outdoor locations. Speak to a professional to learn more about the best type of corbel’s material for your home.