3 Ways to Incorporate Stone Sculptures in Your Home Design

Stone sculptures are among the most versatile interior design features available on the market. They add an element of quality and sophistication to any room and can serve as an important centerpiece.

Sometimes, though, it can be tricky to figure out how to incorporate stone sculptures in home design. It’s not always obvious where they should go or what you should pair with them. The purpose of this article is to provide you with three ways to incorporate stone sculptures in your home design so that you’re never short of ideas for how to include stone.

Create A Three-Dimensional Wall Sculpture

Walls are annoyingly flat. Although they can play host to some fabulous artwork, they’re limited to just two-dimensions. Flat walls lack that “pop” that some interior designers want.

Three-dimensional wall sculptures remedy this problem by allowing artistic features to protrude into the room. Walls can be covered entirely in sculpted elements, such as birds, trees, flowers, and even columns. 3D wall sculptures can be heavy, so you’ll want to keep these on the ground floor. But they can have a tremendous impact on guests who are unlikely to have seen anything quite like it before in a residential dwelling (or anywhere else for that matter). Stone sculpture walls should reflect the rest of the theme of the room.

Suspend A Sculpture From The Ceiling

Many interior designers fail to make use of all the vertical space available to them. Rooms are often well furnished around the floor and the walls, but the internal volume tends to be relatively sparse.

True, you need space to move around, but if you have high ceilings or an unused corner, you could consider suspending a stone sculpture from the ceiling. Obviously, the style of a suspended sculpture would have to make sense for it to be presented in that way, but the visual effect can be dramatic. Suspended sculptures give a feeling that the sculpture is floating, and can be great for minimalist or industrial interior designs.

Suspended stone sculptures require fixtures that are strong enough to support them.

Decorate Your Hallway

When people enter your home, they want to feel greeted. But most people’s hallways are rather dull affairs.

Adding a stone sculpture is a classic way of brightening up a hallway and making it more visually appealing. A stone sculpture can help direct the eye and create a sense of warmth and welcome.

If you have a lot of space in your hallway, you could choose to use a sculpture of a person freestanding on the floor. If you have less space, you may want to place a statue on top of a table to the side. Classical human forms pair well with classic hallway interiors, whereas modified or elongated forms tend to work better with alternative interior themes, such as zen, minimalist, and contemporary. If your style is more bohemian, then the rules are a little less strict. Stick with sculptures that have unusual features that stand out from the norm.