6 Stone Columns Styles


When you think of columns you might have one particular image that comes to mind.  But, in reality, there are many different column types that are incredibly unique.  When choosing a column type for your particular architectural style, there are different stone column types from which to choose that will better accentuate your style and seamlessly blend with your architecture.  Below are 6 architectural stone column styles.

6 Stone Column Styles

  1. Doric
    • Doric columns are a very traditional architectural style that has been round for many years. Generally, Doric columns are consider wider/stouter than other column types.  The column type is usually not very ornate and tends to be somewhat plain compared to some other column types.  Also, the shaft of a Doric column is usually somewhat fluted and tends to be thinner on top and wider on the bottom.
  2. Tuscan
    • Tuscan columns, similar to Doric columns, are not known for being particularly ornate. Rather, they tend to be somewhat simple. Unlike Doric columns, Tuscan columns are not fluted.  Tuscan columns are more slender than Doric columns.
  3. Ionic
    • Ionic columns stand on a base of what appears to be stacked discs. Also, ionic columns are usually fluted and are often said to be a more feminine column style, particularly when compared to Doric columns. Ionic columns’ signature style is that they are adorned with a pair of scrolls at the top.
  4. Corinthian
    • Corinthian columns are one of the more ornate column styles and have been used in many countries for centuries. They traditionally have a grooved shaft and are often decorated with things like leaves, flowers, scrolls and more.  Corinthian columns tend to be more slender and sleek than other column types.
  5. Composite
    • Composite columns combine the styles of Ionic columns and Corinthian columns. Composite columns tend to incorporate both leaves and scrolls, making them a more ornate style that is often found in more ‘lavish’ settings.
  6. Solomonic
    • Solomonic columns are a very unique column type when compared with the previous 5 styles we have discussed. Solomonic columns have a scroll or twist design to the shaft that gives them a very distinct appearance.  The columns appear to twist or corkscrew in such a way that they are sometimes described as ‘spiral’ columns.  This style has been around for centuries and is considered an ornate/ornamental style that is often seen in lavish settings.