Reasons Why Every Home Should Have Carved Stone Pots & Planters


Whether inside the home or outside, stone pots and planters are a stunning addition. When decorating a home it is important to pay attention to every detail, even seemingly small details, to pull together the entire look of your home in a cohesive and visually interesting way. An ordinary pathway, front porch or patio may look nice enough but it is the small details that elevate to a different level and transform a house into a home. Plants and flowers add a vibrant, natural element both inside and outside but they do not need to be stored in a boring, ordinary container. Display your plants and flowers in an intricately carved stone pot or planter.

It can be easy to see a nice home and think, “good enough.” But, it is when homeowners go beyond “good enough” and add unique and interesting features that a home is transformed. When looking for ways to do so it is a great idea to transform ordinary, practical things in your home into extraordinary. If you have, or want to have, plants displayed either inside or outside in ordinary pots, why not take it the extra mile and display them in a carved stone pot or planter? In addition to aesthetic appeal, carved stone pots and planters are timeless and for good reason. They literally stand the test of time. While other pot and planter materials may achieve certain looks and synthetic materials may even look very close to the real thing they are far from the real thing when it comes to durability. Not only do they have to stand up to frequent watering and soil but they must also stand up to the climate in which you live. While cast stone and ceramic may have somewhat similar appearances their durability does in fact vary. Cast stone pots are not only stronger but they are actually more resistant to natural elements because they are less permeable. And, though their hefty weight may make it difficult to frequently move them around, carved stone pots and planters will not be as easily blown over like other planters. Stone pots and planters will not chip, fade or crack and can be left outside all year long without fear of destruction. Finally, carved stone planters and pots simply have more character than other materials offer. While other pots and planter may be pretty there is something about the unique look of carved stone that makes them very attractive and even ornamental. They are more elegant and stately than almost any other material, making them an ideal choice for any home. If you are looking for a way to give your home an instant upgrade packed with character and beauty, add carved stone pots or planters to your home or landscape.