3 Advantages of Using Cantera Stone

It is no mistake that many high-end custom homes choose to use Cantera stone elements throughout their design and décor.  Cantera is a natural, sedimentary stone that comes from Mexico.  Cantera is formed as volcanic ash and dust settles into Mexican riverbeds and, over time, compresses to form a stone. Because of the way it is formed, Cantera is incredibly unique so the Cantera you get will be very different from the Cantera your neighbor gets.  The texture of Cantera is very malleable which lends itself to being carved and manipulated for architectural stone elements such as fountains, fireplaces, columns, planters, balustrades, pottery, as flooring in almost any room of the home, and more into their home’s design.Below are three reasons that homeowners should implement Cantera stone elements

  1. Durability
    • Because Cantera stone is naturally formed over time, it is incredibly durable and weather resistant. Though it is incredibly durable, it weighs significantly less than marble or granite, making it far easier to use.  Additionally, Cantera has an exceptionally high strength – it has a high crushing and tensile strength that makes it ideal for use because it stand up to the elements and look great doing so.
  2. Timeless Appeal
    • Cantera has a natural, earthy appeal that is simply timeless. Because it is so durable, it can stand test of time and maintain its beautiful appearance year after year.   Further, the texture and porousness of Cantera can even make it look like sandstone or marble.  Wherever you use Cantera, you know that it will lend a look of timeless elegance, naturally uplifting any décor around it.  In some applications of Cantera, it is ideal to seal it for protection from staining.  When well-cared for, Cantera architectural stone elements are truly timeless – they will last a lifetime.
  3. Color Options
    • As mentioned above, Cantera is naturally formed in riverbeds and know two pieces of Cantera will be identical. Cantera is available in a wide range of colors and textures which beautifully accentuates any home’s existing décor or architectural style.  The possibilities of color with Cantera are endless because of the minerals it contains but it is typically a light brown, tan or red hue.  However, Cantera is available in white, pink, grey, green, beige, tan, brown, orange, red and black.  Additionally, because of the materials that mix to form Cantera, it is available in a variety of patterns and often looks speckled.