Carved Stone Cornices

There are many architectural elements, accents, and components that when used together, beautifully compliment a home or building’s architecture.  In fact, carved natural stone not only compliments it but elevates it to a whole new level.  A cornice is an architectural element that has been around for centuries.  Bob Vila explains what a cornice is and what its role in traditional and modern architecture is, “Cornices date from classical Greek architecture and historically have served both functional and decorative purposes. On the functional side, cornices typically are basic horizontal structures designed to funnel rainwater away from a building’s walls and can be as simple as a straight, projecting ledge that caps the top edge of a wall; the term “cornice” actually is derived from the Italian word for ledge. On the decorative side, however, cornices can be elaborate ornamental structures that add dignity and character to a building. Decorative cornices give a visual break to a building and serve as a counterweight between the lower and thicker sections of a wall and the narrower rooftop edge. Cornices often are enhanced with crown moulding and styles can range from modest dentil mouldings to more complex carved scallops, scrolls, or spirals…Cornices can add value and help protect a building from the debilitating effects of rainwater, snow, and ice. A variety of both basic and embellished designs are available to suit myriad architectural styles and budgets. And the one thing all cornices have in common is that they draw the eye and finish a structure in an aesthetically pleasing fashion—a trait that fans of both new and old construction can appreciate.”

While cornices are, traditionally speaking, ornate and decorative, there are modern interpretations today that incorporate into almost any home’s architectural design.  Natural stone cornices can be designed in a variety of stones including marble, Cantera, limestone, and travertine.  Further, each of these stone types is available a way array of colors and patterns that are truly unique and beautiful.  Cornices are a beautiful blend of form and function.  While they do provide protection to a structure’s walls, they also add visual appear, texture, and dimension that cannot be achieved so seamlessly and elegantly with other materials.  While others may have a limited lifespan or will begin to show aging and weathering over time, natural stone is exceptionally durable and becomes it comes from the outdoors, it can withstand any weather elements and still look beautiful.


Carved Stone Outdoor Kitchen

You are not taking full advantage of your outdoor living space if you have not yet installed an outdoor kitchen.  There are many different ways to incorporate an outdoor kitchen into your landscape.  And, an outdoor kitchen can be achieved with whatever space you have available, whatever budget you have, and whatever your style preferences are.  Architectural stone is a great way to enhance architectural elements on your home’s exterior and throughout your landscape and your outdoor kitchen area is no exception.  Whether you just want a barbecue or a fully functional outdoor kitchen complete with refrigerator, sink, dishwasher, pizza oven, or anything else you can think of – architectural stone will not only be a durable but stylish addition to your yard.

When you install a beautiful carved stone outdoor kitchen it will naturally become a place that people gravitate towards and in which they want to spend time.  It is wonderful for just enjoying a private dinner with your family or entertaining guests.  One of the most distinct advantages of having an outdoor kitchen is that you do not have to sacrifice time spent outside while preparing a meal.  You will never miss a moment of the party stuck in a kitchen because you will be at the center of the outdoor event, enjoying every moment while preparing food.

Natural stone can be incorporated as a facade around your barbecue, as countertops, as pillars, or as other accents.  Because it is natural stone it seamlessly integrates into a landscape design because it comes from the outdoor elements.  But, once it has been elegantly carved to whatever style or design you choose, it elevates the overall outdoor oasis experience.  A natural stone outdoor kitchen can use the same type and color stone that you have used elsewhere in your home’s interior and exterior design.  The flow will be seamless and you will dramatically enhance your home’s livable space by creating a functional and beautiful outdoor space to enjoy.  Choose from durable and lovely outdoor carved stone options including veneers, pavers, molding, range hoods, countertops, columns, accents, that includes Cantera, travertine, limestone, and marble.  In a place like Arizona where the weather is gorgeous for such a large portion of the year, an investment in a carved stone outdoor kitchen is one that is sure to more than pay off.