3 Ways to Properly Care for Natural Stone Pottery

Natural stone pottery is elegant, timeless, and durable.  When you encounter natural stone pottery, the difference is visible.  Plastic, concrete or other types of pottery may get the job done, but they will not last as long and do not enhance your architecture and landscape in the same way that natural stone does.  Natural stone is not only beautiful décor, but it actually adds both perceived and real value to your home.  Natural stone pottery can stand alone as décor or be used as a planter.  Additionally, you can incorporate natural stone pottery to both indoor and outdoor architectural décor. When well-cared-for, natural stone pottery can last decades and even centuries.  Below are 3 ways to properly care for your natural stone pottery.

  1. No Harsh Chemicals or Cleaning Products
    • To care for your natural stone pottery, you should never use harsh chemicals or cleaning products. Many of the chemicals in store-bought cleaning products can stain or permanently damage your beautiful natural stone.  Natural stone is inherently durable so it can withstand most conditions and weather naturally if so desired.  If your natural stone pottery is inside, simply occasionally wiping it down with water may be all it needs.  Pottery can develop algae or mold, particularly when placed outside or near damp environments. You can make a bleach solution with water and a very small amount of bleach to clean algae or mold off of natural stone pottery.
  2. Seal It to Preserve Original Appearance
    • Though not necessary, if you prefer the pristine appearance of your natural stone pottery when it first arrives, you can seal it to preserve the appearance. Ask the manufacturer for instructions for proper sealing to ensure the sealing process is done correctly and safely for your stone.  You may have to re-apply the seal every year or every few years to continue to maintain the original appearance.
  3. Hands Off!
    • Many customers love the weathered or naturally-occurring patina that can happen to natural stone over time. If this is the case and you want to see how your stone naturally weathers over time, it is best to minimally clean or completely leave your natural stone pottery alone.  Natural stone is very durable and can last centuries, gradually developing its appearance over time.  Harsh and frequent cleaning is simply not necessary and if your stone is left unsealed, it will develop a completely unique and beautiful appearance all on its own.

Pros and Cons of Sealing Your Natural Stone Fireplace

So you have made the choice to invest in a beautiful natural stone fireplace – great choice!  A stone fireplace is an investment that serves as an elegant centerpiece to any room in the home.  Not only does it add visual appeal but it also adds real value to your home.  There are many types of natural stone fireplace to perfectly accentuate any type of architectural design.  There are traditional stone fireplaces, transitional stone fireplaces, and even modern stone fireplaces in a variety of stone types, sizes, styles and colors.

Some homeowners may be intimidated by natural stone because they think it requires more maintenance and care.  And, while it is important to take care of your fireplace, there are different ways to care for it depending on the stone type and your preferred look.  Stone can be sealed and preserved to look as new as the day it was installed.  Or, if you prefer, you can leave natural stone unsealed and allow it to develop its own natural color and patina over time.  Both are beautiful and the desired appearance is really up to the homeowner.  Below are the pros and cons of sealing your natural stone fireplace.

  • PRO: Preserves the Stone’s Original Appearance
    • A natural stone fireplace will naturally weather and change over time because of heat, smoke and use. This can be incredibly beautiful but some homeowners prefer their natural stone to look unblemished and desire to maintain its original appearance over time.  When you apply seal, it can help prevent staining and color changes so the appearance stays the same as when it was installed.
  • CON: Seal Must Be Regularly Re-Applied
    • Though seal will preserve the appearance of your natural stone fireplace, it will have to be re-applied on a regular basis to continue to be effective. The length of protection varies depending on the specific seal and how it is applied but seal may have to be applied every 1 – 3 years to provide continued protection.
  • PRO: Seal May Provide Appearance of Luster
    • When you apply seal to your natural stone fireplace, it may add a subtle but elegant luster. This luster will help your fireplace stand out and beautifully adorn your room.  If a subtle luster will enhance your architectural style and décor aesthetic, this is an advantage of sealing your fireplace.
  • CON: Seal May Provide Appearance of Luster
    • Yes, this CON is the same as the previous PRO. That is because while some homeowners may love the look of luster, others may not.  The tradeoff of adding luster may not be worth the advantages of sealing it if you do not enjoy the look of luster that the seal may develop on your natural stone.  If you want a more rustic or matte finish, there are some seals that can provide the look but any seal that is applied will somewhat change the natural appearance of the stone.