Thin Stone Veneers Applications for Your Home

If you are interested in add a stone veneer to your home but are not sure about how big the project will be, how difficult it will be to maintain, or the cost of such a large amount of stone, the answer to your questions is thin stone veneer.  At Architectural Stone Elements, we carry a selection of natural stone thin veneer that can be used in a variety of applications.  Thin stone veneer is still natural stone and has many advantages over synthetic stone.

One of the first advantages of thin stone veneer is that it is lightweight yet still as durable because it is natural stone.  Because it is lightweight and highly customizable, it is easy to work with and can be used even in applications with limited space or weight restrictions.  Because the thin veneers are cut from real stone, they still provide the beauty, value and durability of real stone which has timeless appeal and strength.  Because they are not synthetic their color will not change or age in an unnatural way.  Thin stone veneers come in a variety of colors and styles which means that homeowners are still able to enjoy the versatility and variety of natural stone.   An additional benefit of choosing natural stone veneers is that it requires ZERO maintenance.  Any weathering or aging that occurs over time is natural and beautiful but because of its durability it will maintain the original integrity of the stone without the need to seal or protect it.

At Architectural Stone Elements, we have two kinds of thin stone veneer from which to choose: limestone and Lueders.  Limestone is eye-catching, luxurious looking stone that comes in a variety of hues including rustic, yellow, cream, blue, grey, and white limestone.  No matter what the style of your home is, we have the right kind of stone to complement your architectural style.  Additionally, you can choose the pattern you like, including regular chop, sawn cut, or flagstone and, we can produce a thin cut veneer for indoor or outdoor applications.  Lueders is another type of stone that we carry and it is great for rustic, traditional and even eclectic style homes.  Lueders stone comes in chocolate, grey, brown, blue and caramel and, just like limestone; we can produce a variety of cuts that range from regular chop to sawn cut pattern.  Lueders is another type of stone that is great for indoor or outdoor application.  Add thin stone veneer to walls, fireplaces, kitchens and more for enhanced style, added beauty and added value in your home.