3 Reasons to Install a Firepit at Your Home

Step into any upscale home or home that has had professional landscaping and you will likely see either an outdoor fireplace or firepit.  Why?  Because professionals know that every homeowner can use a firepit in their backyard.  Whether you love to entertain or you simply want to unwind quietly by yourself, a firepit is the ideal locale.  There is something tranquil and calm about the glow and warmth that a firepit provides.  You will sit down next to it and never want to leave.  Firepits are useful year round – whether it is a cold night and you need some warmth or a warm summer night and you have just hopped out of the pool, unwind next to your elegant carved stone firepit.  A custom-built, carved stone firepit is a useful addition to any home and below we explain the top 3 reasons why this is so.

  1. Add Value to Your Home
    • A store-bought, run-of-the-mill firepit doesn’t look particularly beautiful and certainly does not add any value to your home because. When you invest in a custom-designed firepit for your home, you know that it will coordinate perfectly with the style of your home and naturally enhance its beauty and value.  Should you ever decide to sell your home, it is a feature potential buyers are certain to love. Worth explains why fire pits add value to your home, “Maximize the potential of your outdoor entertaining areas. Erika Granath of Balistreri Realty in Boca Raton, Fla., suggests upgrading to a full outdoor “summer” kitchen. This might include a bar, a pizza oven and a fireplace or fire pit. “Buyers are wowed by great outdoor spaces,” she says.”
  2. Add Beauty to Your Home
    • When you have invested in your home’s beauty, as well as beautiful landscaping, your firepit should not be a flimsy piece of metal you put a few pieces of wood in. First of all – they are not stable and the last thing you need is a fire hazard or someone injuring themselves.  Second, they do not look high-end and will detract from the beauty of your home and landscaping.
  3. Create an Area for Entertaining and Relaxing
    • Have you looked longingly out the window on a cold night and wished you could entertain your guests in your beautiful backyard only to realize that everyone will be chilly? With a firepit you will have a great area for entertaining and relaxing for both you and your guests.  Add natural stone benches around your firepit for seating and you and your guests will want to linger around the fire all night.

4 Reasons to Install a Water Fountain at Your Home

If you have ever visited a high-end resort, important building or lovely garden or park you have probably seen a water fountain.  This is not just a coincidence; water features blend beautifully with landscape design and architecture.  Water is a natural element that is lovely to behold and soothing to the ear.  Water fountains are elegant and charming but that is not all, they boast a variety of features that take them great for either indoor or outdoor use at your home.  Below are 4 reasons we encourage everyone to consider implementing a water fountain into their home’s architectural design – whether indoor or outdoor.

  1. Beautiful
    • There is no questioning it – water fountains are beautiful. But, they are even more beautiful when they are made of carved natural stone.  The best part about using natural stone is that over time and with use it will only continue to get more beautiful.  There are natural stone fountains in Europe that are centuries old and still running beautifully – this is because it is not a cheaply manufactured water fountain, it is made of stone which is durable.
  2. Calming
    • Just about every spa in the world has a water fountain because the sound of trickling water is naturally calming. Many studies have shown that people are naturally relaxed by the sound of trickling and running water and that the negative ions that the water puts out also help relax people nearby.  Just imagine sitting near a soothing fountain while you sip your tea, or lying in bed and falling asleep to the sound of your fountain – it would certainly be more calming than trying to relax without it.
  3. Ambient Sound
    • If you live in a busy residential area or just have a loud neighbor you may want to reduce the ambient noise that your neighborhood produces. The sound of running water will help block out the noise of your neighborhood and replace it with a pleasing, soothing sound.  Ambient noise from fountains is used frequently in commercial settings to set the tone and create an enjoyable atmosphere and more and more homeowners are realizing the same benefits.
  4. Added-Value
    • A custom carved stone water fountain is not just beautiful and relaxing but it adds value to your home. Whether you use it indoors or outdoors, it is durable and able to stand the test of time.  Additionally, by custom building your natural stone water fountain you can blend it seamlessly with the architectural style of your home to not just enhance beauty but enhance value as well.  If or when you go to sell your home, buyers will be attracted to the beautiful addition of a water fountain that has upgraded your home.