Introduction to Stone Coping

Stone coping has been used for centuries in architectural design.  Coping stones are traditionally used to cap freestanding walls or as edging on pathways or around pools, giving the walls a finished and polished look while also protecting the walls from damage.  Coping stones are available in a variety of colors, styles, sizes and finishes to coordinate with the architectural aesthetic of the structure.  Coping stones often do not get as much credit as they deserve but they are the component of any architectural design that gives it is completed and polished look.

Coping stones can be designed to be flat and simple in style, or can be curved, end-style, horizontal-curved, vertical-curved, or customized to meet any unique needs you might have.  While coping can be made of a variety of materials, including metal, wood, brick or more, stone has been used for centuries and continues to be used today for good reason – it stands the test of time.  Not only does it stand the test of time in structure and strength, but in aesthetic appeal.  Natural stone weathers beautifully and is capable of standing up to even the most extreme of elements while continuing to do its job.

At Architectural Stone Elements, we are a world-class purveyor of hand-carved stone art.  We typically use Cantera, limestone, travertine, and marble in our work and we can seamlessly integrate your stone coping with any other architectural elements, including other natural stone elements you may be implemented.  We use only the finest quality stone to ensure that you are supremely satisfied with the finished look.  Simple installations of architectural stone can look understated and beautiful but what truly elevates the look is when there is dimension and texture.  It adds uniqueness that cannot be otherwise achieved and both perceived and real value to your home.  Curved coping can also be used to help move weather elements such as rain or snow gently off ledges and walls so that it does not gather and cause damage.  When natural stone coping is used around pools, it offers a beautiful warmth, texture and sturdiness that cannot be achieved with other materials.  Stone proves to be a valid option because it is long-lasting and is sure to give your pool the spa-like oasis feel that any homeowner or commercial property would hope to achieve.  Stone coping may not be the first thing you think of when choosing architectural elements, but it is important to not forget such a beautiful finishing touch that will elevate the look and reinforce the structure of architectural elements.