Uses Natural Stone Moldings

Stone is as stately and timeless as just about any architectural style, decor element or anything else that you can think of.  This is for good reason – stone is durable, beautiful and strong.  It can be used to construct a small decorative element or an entire coliseum.  Each piece of natural stone is unique, like a thumbprint, no two pieces are the same and that is what makes it so gorgeous.  Natural stone coordinates with any architectural or decor style seamlessly so it can be used in a wide variety of applications.  When used to enhance architecture or decor, it not only adds beauty but it adds real value to your home or property.  While there are many ways to add natural architectural stone elements to your home, we want t explore using cast stone moldings.   Cast stone moldings can be used both inside and outside, and will elevate the decor and style of your home or property in any application.

Cast stone moldings come in a variety of stones, stone colors, shapes and sizes.  At Architectural Stone Elements, we use the finest limestone, cantera stone, and travertine.  The design possibilities are truly endless.  You can use cast stone moldings to create chair rails, v-caps, wall caps, stair treads, around windows, around doorways, around fireplaces, around chimneys, and so much more.  By adding natural cast stone moldings to your home you will add drama, dimension and texture in a way that no other material could ever hope to.  When you add such dimension and unique character to your home’s exterior, you dramatically boost curb appeal which makes your home more appealing to the eye, more inviting and more valuable.  When you add that same character inside your home you add your own personal style, warmth, regality, and again – value.   What makes cast stone moldings so exceptional (aside from their obvious style and class) is that they are so strong and durable.  Whether inside or outside, they can weather the elements and stand up to the test of time, always looking their absolute best.  Because they are so strong, they can provide actual architectural support to your home’s structure which cannot be said about older moldings.  Whether you have classic or contemporary tastes in architecture or decor, there are cast stone moldings that coordinate with your style seamlessly.  Allow us to supply your home build or remodel with the perfect cast stone molding to elevate your home’s style.