3 Carved Stone Accents For Your Landscape

Whether you are starting your landscape from scratch, or you simply want to give your landscape an upscale update – carved stone accents can give your landscape the luxurious look that you want.  Regardless of your home’s architectural style, there is a wonderful carved stone accent that will beautifully enhance your landscape as well as your home.  Add one, add a few, or disburse them throughout the entirety of your landscape to perfectly balance your hardscape and softscape for the ultimate aesthetic appeal.  Below, we list three types of carved stone accents that you can add to your landscape to add beauty and elegance in a way that no other hardscaping can.

1. Fountains

  • Carved stone fountains make an excellent addition to front landscaping or rear landscaping.  Natural stone is timeless and can be carved to accentuate your home’s architectural style.  Not only is natural stone beautiful but it is durable, capable of looking great and working perfectly for decades to come.  In addition to its visual appeal, it also provides a peaceful and calming ambiance with the trickle of its water.  This ambient sound will help drown out neighborhood sounds, traffic sounds, and anything else to give you the tranquil and relaxing oasis you desire.

2. Firepits

  • A firepit or outdoor fireplace made of natural stone is an ideal addition to any landscape.  Whether you want to roast marshmallows on a summer night or plan to entertain guests in your landscape and want a beautiful and warm source of light, a firepit or outdoor fireplace will more than get the job done.  Not only does it provide warmth and light but it adds beauty to your landscape.  Carved natural stone in a variety of colors and styles can be expertly installed in your landscape in the exact size and style you need to enhance your outdoor experience.  It will add that “wow factor” to your landscape as well as provide an inviting and relaxing area in which you or your guests can sit and spend some quality time outside.

3. Pottery

  • Carved stone pottery can be added inside or outside a home, empty or filled, as the ideal luxurious accessory that adds intrinsic value to your home.  Even empty, carved stone pottery is simply beautiful.  Place it on your porch, patio, around your pool or throughout your landscape as the perfect adornment to your landscape.  While plants and flowers can be planted in the ground, they could also be planted in your carved stone pottery for the perfect combination of softscape and landscape that is aeshetically appealing and adds value to your home.