3 Creative Uses For Stone In Your Home

Natural stone is commonly used in homes for flooring, on countertops or in showers but there are so many more potential uses for natural stone.  Natural stone adds value, style and class to any home and can seamlessly integrate with any style.  Stone has been used for centuries in architecture because of its beauty and durability but it does not have to be used in only conventional ways.  Many homes that exemplify beauty layer different materials throughout, so do not be afraid to use multiple different materials in one space. In fact, we highly encourage you to get creative with stone and use it in ways you may not have thought to so below we discuss 3 fun and interesting ways to use architectural stone design in your home.

1. Firepit

  • Firepits are a great addition to any home’s landscape.  They enhance the livability of an outdoor space and create an environment in which people naturally want to gather around and relax.  While there are many firepits available for purchase at big box stores they are typically made of flimsy materials that will not stand up to the test of time and regular use.  Additionally, they may serve the essential purpose of containing fire in a location, they will not elevate your home’s architecture or style in the way that a stone firepit will.  By choosing to install a custom natural stone firepit you can carefully select the materials you want to use including type of stone and color so that it coordinates seamlessly with your existing hardscape and softscape, as well as the architecture of your home.  Not only will you enjoy gathering around the firepit on a beautiful night but you will wow your guests with the beauty and elegance that only a custom stone fireplace can elicit.

2. Window Surrounds

  • Windows provide a beautiful view of landscape and scenery.  While they may not get much attention when it comes to design or decor, they should.  When framed perfectly with natural stone the architectural beauty is enhanced and elevated.  Additionally, the natural stone functions almost like a picture frame, drawing your eye to the beauty of the window and to the beauty of the view the window provides.  In addition to using stone as a window surround on the inside of the home, it can also be used on the exterior of the home.  Similarly to how it enhances a window inside, stone window surrounds that have been installed on the exterior of a window elevate the architectural style of a home and provide additional visual interest that immensely improves a home’s curb appeal.

3. Mirror Surrounds

  • While many homes may have a large mirror hung on the wall with no frame it is far from interesting or stylish.  Sure, they sort of just fade away and make no visual impact but is that really what you want for your beautiful home that has been carefully designed and decorated?  While there is certainly the option to install a wood-framed mirror or a metal-framed mirror that tends to look a bit more common or cookie-cutter.  By framing your mirrors in natural stone you make a true architectural and design statement that will enhance the look of the room and give any mirror that “something special” that makes a home look more custom and high end.