Decorating with Stone Corbels

Every homeowner has their own sense of style and home decor preferences.  No matter what an individual’s style is, everyone wants to put their own unique stamp on their home decor and design to make it feel like their own.  There are, of course, many ways to do this.   Everything from the floors to the ceilings, and everything in between, is a specific choice that makes a statement.  It can be fun to add small or large details that go above and beyond the decor basics and necessities and bring a little something special and unique to a room.  Corbels are a great way to achieve this.  A corbel is an architectural decor element that can be made from a variety of materials such as stone, wood or metal.  They can be used to support weight or as a purely decorative element.  While there are many options when it comes to material, a stone corbel is something timeless and truly special.

A unique, hand-carved stone corbel will not only achieve a utilitarian purpose but will be eye-catching and interesting as well.  When a stone corbel is added it instantly enhances decor and helps set an overall tone for the room.  Stone corbels come in a variety of styles, from baroque all the way to transitional in their finish, to coordinate seamlessly with any home’s architectural style and decor.  The unique thing about corbels is that they are somehow simultaneously subtle and intriguing.  They tend to blend in a way that is not distracting but still makes a definite statement.  Corbels can be used around fireplaces, in conjunction with stone fireplace mantels, to support shelves or cabinetry, to accent the corner of a room, in doorways and so much more.  They can be used in any room inside the home and even in many applications outside the home as well.  Some corbels are not made of materials that are strong or durable enough to support much weight but stone corbels can stand the test of time.  They have been around for centuries because stone is so durable and strong.  They can be used to support a great weight which is why some large stone corbels are even used below balconies on homes.  Stone corbels come in a variety of sizes – small enough that they could be used as a unique wall sconce or small decor element and large enough to enhance architectural elements on the outside of your home.  Stone corbels are incredibly unique, versatile and capable of enhancing any home’s decor.