Stone Moldings Add a Finishing Touch To Your Home

When decorating with stone in and outside of your home the possibilities are truly limitless.  Stone can be used in your landscape or inside of your home with stone pots, stone water fountains, stone fireplace mantels, stone corbels or stone pillars.  All of these stone elements can really be used inside or outside of a home because they are so versatile and durable.  And adding to the list of options for decorating your home with stone are stone moldings.  Stone moldings are a unique way to subtly but interestingly add your own special touch to your home’s architectural and decor.  Stone moldings can be used as v-caps, chair rails, stair treads, wall caps and so much more, both inside and out, to add drama and personal style to your home.

If you have seen the beauty of wainscot in a home before you know that it adds character to any home, regardless of the style.  Often, when one thinks of wainscot in a home they probably envision wood chair railing with decorative wood paneling down to the baseboard.  But, wood is far from the only option and by changing the chair railing to stone molding you enhance the look of your home and immediately elevate the decor.  Additionally, while you have seen crown molding made from wood crown molding can also be made from stone.  Adding stone to areas where the wall meetings the ceiling creates a strong presence and stately feel that wood molding cannot achieve.  Stone moldings can also be used to trim countertops, surround fireplaces, surround doors, surround windows, as baseboards, or to create unique and interesting decorative frames or anything else you can think of.

Architectural moldings can be used to complete a home’s design or room decor in a way that no other decor can.  It is not just the cherry on the sundae, not just superfluous, but hugely important.  Without unique touches that complete a home’s design rooms, and homes overall, may feel incomplete or like something is just off – missing.  Even if you cannot immediately place your finger on it, you know something is just off.  So often things like decorative molding are the piece that ties everything together and brings a harmonious feel.  Add timeless, high-end finishes to your home with stone moldings, both inside and outside, to enhance the architecture of your home and create the luxurious atmosphere that you want.