Why You Should Install a Stone Water Fountain

There are few things more relaxing than the sound of trickling water from a water fountain.    The slow and steady falling of water is not only soothing but beautiful as well.  When designing landscape it is important to incorporate softscape elements and hardscape elements to achieve a harmonious balance.  There are many ways to incorporate hardscape elements but one way to do so that not only serves the purpose of being visually appealing but has far more benefits is with a waterfall.

Water fountains, no matter where they are installed in landscape, create a pleasing aesthetic experience for all to enjoy.  The sound of water will sooth and relax you while you enjoy the great outdoors but the sound has additional benefits.  Whether we live very close to neighbors or have more distance between our homes, there is often some noises we would rather not here such as traffic noise, air noise, animal noise, neighborhood noise, or a variety of other noise sources.  Water fountains are a great way to reduce outside noises and create the serene setting you want in your landscape.  Water fountains help to foster a feeling of being secluded in your own personal resort-like setting.  And, no one can deny that water fountains are just beautiful.  But, all water fountains are not created equal.  Over time many water fountains tend to wear out, whether from the outside elements or the constant stream of water.  This is because many water fountains, while designed for outdoor use, are simply made of materials that are not designed to stand the test of time.  The best kind of water fountains for any landscape that will not only be visually stunning but long lasting is a stone water fountain.

Stone water fountains are beautiful and exude an air of high-end, quality craftsmanship.  Nothing is quite as stunning as a uniquely carved stone water fountain with water trickling down.  Stone fountains have been around since ancient times, and for good reason.  Stone fountains can last centuries because of the quality of craftsmanship and durability of materials.  A hand-carved artisanal stone water fountain will enhance and elevate any landscape and compliment any architectural style.  Place a water fountain in your landscape where you want to draw visual attention because it is sure to catch the eye of any guest.  Create a beautiful vignette in your yard with seating near your fountain for the ultimate relaxation or a stunning statement with a large fountain in the middle of your landscape to anchor surrounding elements.  Speak to your landscape architect about how to place a beautiful stone waterfall in your landscape and begin enjoying the tranquil sounds of falling water right in your own backyard!