3 Ways to Properly Care for Natural Stone Pottery

Natural stone pottery is elegant, timeless, and durable.  When you encounter natural stone pottery, the difference is visible.  Plastic, concrete or other types of pottery may get the job done, but they will not last as long and do not enhance your architecture and landscape in the same way that natural stone does.  Natural stone is not only beautiful décor, but it actually adds both perceived and real value to your home.  Natural stone pottery can stand alone as décor or be used as a planter.  Additionally, you can incorporate natural stone pottery to both indoor and outdoor architectural décor. When well-cared-for, natural stone pottery can last decades and even centuries.  Below are 3 ways to properly care for your natural stone pottery.

  1. No Harsh Chemicals or Cleaning Products
    • To care for your natural stone pottery, you should never use harsh chemicals or cleaning products. Many of the chemicals in store-bought cleaning products can stain or permanently damage your beautiful natural stone.  Natural stone is inherently durable so it can withstand most conditions and weather naturally if so desired.  If your natural stone pottery is inside, simply occasionally wiping it down with water may be all it needs.  Pottery can develop algae or mold, particularly when placed outside or near damp environments. You can make a bleach solution with water and a very small amount of bleach to clean algae or mold off of natural stone pottery.
  2. Seal It to Preserve Original Appearance
    • Though not necessary, if you prefer the pristine appearance of your natural stone pottery when it first arrives, you can seal it to preserve the appearance. Ask the manufacturer for instructions for proper sealing to ensure the sealing process is done correctly and safely for your stone.  You may have to re-apply the seal every year or every few years to continue to maintain the original appearance.
  3. Hands Off!
    • Many customers love the weathered or naturally-occurring patina that can happen to natural stone over time. If this is the case and you want to see how your stone naturally weathers over time, it is best to minimally clean or completely leave your natural stone pottery alone.  Natural stone is very durable and can last centuries, gradually developing its appearance over time.  Harsh and frequent cleaning is simply not necessary and if your stone is left unsealed, it will develop a completely unique and beautiful appearance all on its own.

Use Stone Pottery Indoors or Outdoors

Carved stone pottery makes an elegant addition, whether inside or outside a home.  Stone pottery has a wide variety of uses and will elevate the look of any architecture or decor in its surroundings.  Stone pottery, such as the selection from Architectural Stone Elements, comes in a wide selection of shapes, sizes and styles to provide you versatility and the ability to seamlessly integrate them into your inside or outside decor.  Carved stone pottery not only adds beauty and functionality to your home, but value as well.

While you may think carved stone pottery is only for outside use, it can be an effective piece of decor inside your home as well.  First of all, nothing looks more high-end and valuable than carved natural stone.  It simply adds elegance, style and uniqueness to any room.  Second, you can put either synthetic or natural plants inside your pottery to bring some green into your home.  While adding synthetic plants can look nice and be low maintenance, adding natural plant to the inside of your home can actually have positive health benefits.  Healthline describes the various health benefits that having natural plants inside your home can have, “Indoor air can be as much as 12 times more polluted than outside air in some areas, due to compounds in paints, furnishings, clothing, and building materials… Research shows that many common houseplants and blooming potted plants can improve your health by helping to fight these pollutants in your home. The ability of plants to remove chemicals from the air is called phytoremediation. A study conducted by Stanley J. Kays at the University of Georgia tested 28 species of common houseplants. The results showed that some ornamental plants can remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from indoor air… NASA findings showed that houseplants were able to remove up to 87 percent of air toxins in a 24-hour period… A study by the University of Agriculture in Norway found that indoor plants can also help fight colds. The research showed that indoor plants decreased coughs, sore throats, fatigue, and other cold-related symptoms by more than 30 percent…. Several independent studies have shown that interior plants can help reduce stress and improve well-being… In a study from Texas A&M University, workers who were in a room with two potted plants and a bouquet of flowers generated 13 percent more ideas than workers in a room with sculptures.”

While carved stone pottery makes a wonderful addition to inside decor, it is an ideal architectural element for outside decor.  When designing a landscape it is important to incorporate both softscape elements (plants, bushes, grass, flowers, etc.) and hardscape elements (patio, pergola, pathways, pillars, handrails, etc.) to keep a balanced look that is aesthetically pleasing. Carved stone pottery can be used purely for decor or as planters.  They can be placed on your patio, along pathways, next to pools, and more for both structure and beauty.  These carved stone planters will add beauty and elegance to your landscape as well as your home.

Carved Stone Pottery and Planters Add Elegance & Functionality to Landscape

Stone pottery and planters are a timeless and elegant way to add both function and decor to your home.  Whether you want to start growing a small garden in a collection of assorted pottery and planters or you just need to add some additional decor and hardscaping to your landscape or garden area – carved stone pottery and planters are an ideal way to do so.

Carved stone has been used for centuries in a variety of ways for both architecture and decor.  Its beauty is timeless and its durability helps ensure that it not only performs but looks beautiful doing so for decades and even centuries.  Gardens are all the rage right now and you can start your own small garden in a single carved stone pot or planter, or create a small gathering of pots or planters to grow a variety of different plants, vegetables, herbs or more.  It is an easy, contained way to start the garden you have always dreamed of and it will look elegant in any setting.  Today’s carved pottery and planters come in a variety of different finishes and carving styles to coordinate with any home’s architecture seamlessly.

In addition to starting your own home garden with carved stone pottery and planters, you can also use them to house shrubs or other plants throughout your landscape.  In landscape, it is important to have a balance of both softscape and hardscape for optimal visual beauty and symmetry.  Without the added balance of hardscape, a landscape can feel too free-formed and unanchored.  Carved stone pottery adds needed structure and changes in elevation and style when implemented along pathways, on porches, along steps or staircases, around pools or decks or in any other application that may suit your landscape well.  Carved stone pottery and planters come in a variety of heights, widths and depths so that you can vary the appearance and use pottery that is sized appropriately for your home’s architecture.

While you can choose to use pottery or planters that are made of other materials such as resin, plastic, wood or something else – nothing is as durable and beautiful as carved stone.  Other planters will inevitably chip, crack or break altogether over time but carved stone is incredibly heavy and incredibly durable, uniquely designed to stand the test of time.  Carved stone pottery and planters add elegance to any home and enhance curb appeal for all who see it.  Enjoy the beauty of your own landscape or entertain in style when your landscape has been uniquely enhanced with carved stone pottery and planters at your home.

Reasons Why Every Home Should Have Carved Stone Pots & Planters


Whether inside the home or outside, stone pots and planters are a stunning addition. When decorating a home it is important to pay attention to every detail, even seemingly small details, to pull together the entire look of your home in a cohesive and visually interesting way. An ordinary pathway, front porch or patio may look nice enough but it is the small details that elevate to a different level and transform a house into a home. Plants and flowers add a vibrant, natural element both inside and outside but they do not need to be stored in a boring, ordinary container. Display your plants and flowers in an intricately carved stone pot or planter.

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