Things you should know before purchasing a stone fountain.

Stone fountains are beautiful, timeless pieces that can truly elevate the aesthetics of your property’s facade, garden, or courtyard. Thanks to their ability to withstand natural elements and daily wear and tear, stone fountains are also elegant additions to increase the monetary value of your property.

They symbolize serenity and renewal, and the continuous flowing of water can help you create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere in which you can immerse by stepping out of your door. However, stone fountains might not be the right addition for every property, and there are some considerations to make before committing to this choice. Start from the ones below.

Stone Makes Your Fountain a Timeless Piece

There is an endless range of options when it comes down to picking a material for your fountain. However, stone has always been seen as one of the longer-lasting options, and you can still enjoy a broad range of options to choose from.

Some of these include:

  • Cartera Stone
  • Travertine
  • Limestone
  • Marble

When designing your stone fountain, these options allow you to pick your piece’s color, texture and look.

It Can Create a Focal Point

Opting for a hand-carved design is the best option to create a unique, one-of-a-kind piece that will give your property an exclusive and lavish look. However, your fountain won’t disappear in the background, and it is likely to create an important focal point in the surrounding space.

Therefore, it is crucial to create the right balance with the surrounding space. For this, you will need to have enough room to create harmonious symmetries and ensure that your fountain creates continuity with other stone elements that you have incorporated in the house.

It Needs To Be Powered

Your stone fountain will require three important aspects to run properly:

  • Access to water
  • A build-in or eternal pump
  • Electricity

These three aspects will require a degree of planning, so you can hook up the structure with your main power line and keep operating costs low.

Additionally, you might want to light up your fountain. In this case, it is necessary to speak to an expert electrician who can help you create the right light effects. If you prefer to opt for a fountain that does not come with lights, you should consider adding spotlights around it, so to keep it illuminated and make the area safer.

Care and Maintenance Will Make It Last Forever

Stone is one of the most durable and timeless materials to build your hand-carved fountain. It allows you to personalize the sculpture and obtain a unique piece of art to showcase in your garden. Nonetheless, like other materials, stone requires maintenance to last forever. Firstly, you should include your fountain in your cleaning routine and ensure that it is always free of debris, litter, and leaves.

Additionally, you should evaluate what the climate in your area is like. If you undergo extremely cold seasons, you will need to add an extra layer of protection to ensure that your fountain continues working beautifully.

If you are unsure whether a fountain is the best addition to your property, you should contact an expert designer who can guide you in this process.

3 Tips for Choosing the Location of Your Custom Stone Fountain

A beautiful stone fountain is a spectacular addition to a home.  Stone fountains can be placed in a myriad of locations both inside and outside of your home.  Running and trickling water has been shown to relax people and when you install a stone fountain you will immensely enhance your home’s tranquility.  Choosing where to place your fountain is very important because once it is installed, it is difficult to move it.  But, that is not the only reason to carefully choose your location.  The location you choose for your fountain can enhance your home and have multiple other benefits when chosen correctly.  Below are 3 tips for choosing the location of your custom stone fountain.

3 Tips for Choosing the Location of Your Custom Stone Fountain

  1. Consider Aesthetics
    • One of the firs things to consider when installing a custom stone fountain is where it will best enhance the surrounding architectural aesthetic. For example, even though a fountain may be more conveniently installed off to the side of an entryway or at a specific location in your landscape, it may not be the best location to enhance your home’s architectural aesthetic.  If you want to place a stone fountain near an entryway, you want to place it where it will be seen and appreciated by your guests.  Perhaps you want it in the center of a path or in your entryway or foyer.  If you areplacing it in your backyard, perhaps you want it near your pool for beauty or in a garden to balance soft landscape and hard landscape.
  2. Feng Shui
    • Fountains are known for activating the “water element” in fengshui. The Spruce elaborates on the use of fountains in fengshui and how to choose the ideal fengshui location for your fountain, “Fountains are very popular in fengshui because they bring the energy of the water fengshui element, and water is an ancient fengshui symbol of wealth and prosperity. The other good fengshui reason to use a fountain indoors is the fact that a working fountain will diffuse healthy negative ions into the air. Many indoor environments can greatly benefit from at least one fengshui fountain!.. Best fengshuibagua areas to place your fengshui fountain are the following:
      • East – Health & Family area
      • Southeast – Wealth & Money area
      • North – Career & Path in Life area”
  1. Maximum Tranquility
    • Stone fountains are great white noise and the sound of running water is incredibly tranquil. Because of this, choose your fountain location to maximize tranquility.  If you have a lot of street noise, place a fountain near that so that it can drown out the noise.  If you want to wake up to the tranquil sound of running water, place it near your bedroom.  If you love to garden, place a fountain in your garden where it’s beautiful running water will further relax you.

5 Benefits of Indoor Stone Water Fountains

There are few things more serene and relaxing than listening to the gentle trickle of running water.  Water fountains are a beautiful addition to any commercial or residential building and are often used in exterior design.  But, don’t forget that they can be used in interior architectural design as well!  An indoor stone fountain offers many benefits that are both aesthetically pleasing and advantageous for health.  If you have been considering implementing a stone fountain into your home’s interior architectural design, below are 5 reasons we think it is a great idea!

5 Benefits of Indoor Stone Water Fountains

  1. Beauty
    • Stone water fountains are carved from a variety of stone types, colors, and patterns. Their unique carvings and styling make them a beautiful addition to any home, naturally enhancing the architectural style and décor that surrounds them.  When you have a stone water fountain in your room, it makes everything else around it look more beautiful!
  2. Value
    • Natural carved stone elements add a tremendous amount of value when used in architectural design. Other fountain types made of plaster or plastic may give you the benefit of trickling water but they will not look as beautiful or add as much value to your home as carved indoor natural stone water fountains.
  3. Relaxation
    • We all could use a little more relaxation and stress relief in our lives. Time after time, the sound of running or trickling water has been shown to naturally relax and de-stress humans.  Additionally, because the sound of running water provides a natural ambient white noise, it drowns out other neighborhood or household noises, allowing you to fully maximize relaxation when at home.
  4. Air Purification
    • When water moves, as it does through a fountain, it creates natural ions that are released into the air. This replenishes the air’s negative ions which can increase the flow of oxygen to the brain.  Additionally, dirt is naturally pulled out of the air and into the water in the fountain, naturally cleaning the room’s air supply.
  5. Humidification
    • Excessive humidity may be uncomfortable but we all live a better life if our air has some humidity in it. It hydrates skin and adds humidity to the air which can be particularly beneficial in the winter months.  As an added bonus, if you have plants in the room, the natural humidity will boost their health as well!