How stone veneers can transform your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Indoor/outdoor living is something we are all looking to achieve from our homes. There is something soothing and comforting about bringing the outdoors in, isn’t there? One of the ways that you can do this is by using stone veneers in your outdoor and indoor living areas. Stone veneers can help you to create a beautiful, stylish living environment, which would look incredible in any home. Read on to discover more about some of the different ways you can use stone veneers to enhance your indoor and outdoor living areas.

There are many different ways you can use stone veneer to transform your home

One of the great things about stone veneer is that it is incredibly versatile. You have so many beautiful options to choose from when it comes to enhancing your home.

One of the best ways to use stone veneer is to enrich your exterior living space with stone veneer siding. If you have a patio area where you socialize and enjoy good food with friends and family members, stone veneer siding can transform this into a contemporary, clean space, which will be the envy of all of your neighbors!

If you want to use stone veneer inside of your home, creating a comfortable and stylish veneer fireplace is a good choice. This is a great way of connecting your living area with the exterior as well, which is perfect for those who have patio doors that open to their outside space. You can match your fireplace stone veneer with the siding in your garden’s exterior so that everything works in harmony together. Fireplaces are often the main attraction within the room they are in, and so stone veneer can ensure your fireplace makes a modern and striking statement.

Create unexpected inspirations by using natural stone veneer to enhance different elements in your indoor and outdoor living area. This is where creativity comes in! Look around your indoor and outdoor living spaces and think about where stone veneer would make a stylish and striking addition. When used carefully, stone veneer can add unique interest and give your property a different dimension altogether. From creating a stunning accent around your home’s doorway to using stone veneer panels to add a decorative element to your outside living space, the options are well and truly endless and an experienced company can help you to use this material to full effect.

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5 Advantages of Thin Limestone Veneer

Natural stone can be incorporated in a wide variety of ways to any residential or commercial application.  When applying siding to a home or building you have the option to use full pieces of stone or use thin veneer.  There are manufactured veneers and there are also natural stone veneers such as thin limestone veneer.  While both are great options, there are some unique advantages to choosing thin limestone veneer.

5 Advantages of Thin Limestone Veneer

  1. Lightweight
    • When comparing the differences between stone veneer and thin stone veneer, one of the biggest differences is the weight. Full pieces of natural stone obviously weigh significantly more than thin stone veneer.  While both are natural stone, one weighs significantly less which offers certain structural, installation, and cost advantages.
  2. Cost-Saving
    • As already mentioned, when you want to use natural stone rather than a faux siding or other material, you have two options – full pieces of limestone or thin limestone veneer. If your budget is smaller then thin limestone veneer will offer significant cost-savings when it comes to the actual cost of materials as well as the cost of installation.
  3. Ease-of-Installation
    • Full pieces of natural stone can be rather cumbersome and heavy which makes it far more difficult to install. Pieces of thin limestone veneer are much easier to install but still provide the same advantages that natural stone has to offer, just in a much lighter and easier-to-install size.
  4. Durability
    • Natural stone is one of the most durable materials that can be used in residential or commercial construction. There is a reason that natural stone structures still exist from centuries ago – durability.  Thin limestone veneer offers the same durability an protection to your home or commercial building that full pieces of limestone has to offer.  Limestone veneer is a great choice because it can stand the test of time and weather the elements.
  5. Low-Maintenance
    • Because thin limestone veneer is made of a material that exists is nature, it is very durable and can withstand harsh elements without maintenance. Other material may require routine maintenance and protection to prevent damage, stains or other problems but natural stone can be installed and left to protect your home or building without frequent, costly maintenance.

How to Choose the Right Stone for Your Fireplace Surround

A stone fireplace surround is incredibly timeless and classic.  It is a design element that never goes out of style.  When you are choosing the design and style of your fireplace surround, you want something that will coordinate with your home’s architectural style and your personal décor preferences.  But, you also want something that is durable and stylish that will elegantly stand the test of time.  There are many material options for fireplace surrounds but stone is, by far, the best option.  Not only is it durable enough to last centuries, but it is luxurious and timeless in style.  And, there are many colors and styles from which to choose that it will coordinate perfectly with any architectural style.

Because there are many stone types and colors from which to choose, as well as carving styles, it can feel overwhelming to choose just the right style for your home.  If you have other stone in your home, you can choose to coordinate with it but it is absolutely unnecessary that the types of stone match perfectly.  In fact, homes can utilize many different varieties of stone and have it look coordinated and beautiful without being overly “matchy” or “cookie-cutter.”  One of the first steps in choosing the right fireplace surround stone is determining your budget.  There are many different types of stone and they can vary widely in cost.  Once you set your budget you will know what types of stone you can consider.  Next, it is important to consider the exact look you want and how much maintenance you plan to do.  If you like the look of a stone that has weathered and changed over time (which is very popular) you will not need to seal your stone but if you want to maintain the same look as the day it was installed, certain stones will need to be sealed upon installation and periodically (every year or two) after that.

At Architectural Stone Elements, you have the option to choose from a variety of stone materials and colors.  These include cantera, limestone, marble, and travertine in a wide range of styles and colors.  Choose from existing designs in the stone type of your choice or allow one of our craftsmen to help you create a beautiful custom design for your home.  It will be a stunning addition to any home that adds warmth, visual interest, beauty, and value!

3 Advantages of Using Cantera Stone

It is no mistake that many high-end custom homes choose to use Cantera stone elements throughout their design and décor.  Cantera is a natural, sedimentary stone that comes from Mexico.  Cantera is formed as volcanic ash and dust settles into Mexican riverbeds and, over time, compresses to form a stone. Because of the way it is formed, Cantera is incredibly unique so the Cantera you get will be very different from the Cantera your neighbor gets.  The texture of Cantera is very malleable which lends itself to being carved and manipulated for architectural stone elements such as fountains, fireplaces, columns, planters, balustrades, pottery, as flooring in almost any room of the home, and more into their home’s design.Below are three reasons that homeowners should implement Cantera stone elements

  1. Durability
    • Because Cantera stone is naturally formed over time, it is incredibly durable and weather resistant. Though it is incredibly durable, it weighs significantly less than marble or granite, making it far easier to use.  Additionally, Cantera has an exceptionally high strength – it has a high crushing and tensile strength that makes it ideal for use because it stand up to the elements and look great doing so.
  2. Timeless Appeal
    • Cantera has a natural, earthy appeal that is simply timeless. Because it is so durable, it can stand test of time and maintain its beautiful appearance year after year.   Further, the texture and porousness of Cantera can even make it look like sandstone or marble.  Wherever you use Cantera, you know that it will lend a look of timeless elegance, naturally uplifting any décor around it.  In some applications of Cantera, it is ideal to seal it for protection from staining.  When well-cared for, Cantera architectural stone elements are truly timeless – they will last a lifetime.
  3. Color Options
    • As mentioned above, Cantera is naturally formed in riverbeds and know two pieces of Cantera will be identical. Cantera is available in a wide range of colors and textures which beautifully accentuates any home’s existing décor or architectural style.  The possibilities of color with Cantera are endless because of the minerals it contains but it is typically a light brown, tan or red hue.  However, Cantera is available in white, pink, grey, green, beige, tan, brown, orange, red and black.  Additionally, because of the materials that mix to form Cantera, it is available in a variety of patterns and often looks speckled.

Lueders Limestone Veneer – An Introduction

Many homeowners drive around their neighborhood or neighborhoods nearby and see homes with beautiful stone accents or a full stone exterior and feel envious.  Even if your existing home does not have stone accents, that does not mean it is too late!  You can elevate the appearance of your home’s exterior while also increasing your home’s value by adding a limestone veneer.  Lueders limestone veneer is limestone that has been quarried from the Lueders Basin in Texas.   To install a full-thickness stone exterior would be exceptionally difficult and heavy but a thin Lueders veneer is exceptionally durable but far easier to accomplish.  Lueders veneer weighs approximately 75% less than full-thickness stone so the difference is significant.  Additionally, limestone veneer is considerably less expensive than full-thickness stone so it is far more economical.

It is important to note that Lueders veneer is exceptionally beautiful and versatile.  It is durable enough for outdoor use but can also be used indoors.  There is a distinct reason that high-end custom homes are choosing Lueders thin veneer for their homes, it is lightweight and durable – it will stand the test of time and weather.  Because it is denser, it does not absorb much water and can be used in climates with significant swings in temperature.   When you use natural stone veneer, you are opting for a truly low maintenance option because it is derived from the natural elements.

To continue, Lueders limestone veneer is available in a wide range of colors that include chocolate, gray, brown, blue and caramel so there is certain to be a color to coordinate with your architectural design aesthetic.  Whether you have a traditional home, rustic home, or modern home, we have limestone veneer to suit your needs.  And, at Architectural Home Elements can manufacture any cut or pattern that you need including regular chop or a sawn cut pattern.  For interior use, we carry a selection of thin Lueders veneer that is lightweight and provides the perfect “pop” to your home’s décor.  Use limestone veneer to accentuate columns, niches, or other architectural design elements.  Or, create an accent wall that is sure to draw the eye and add significant depth and warmth with limestone veneer.  Allow us to show you the variety of colors and styles available in Lueders thin veneer, as well as the variety of applications in which it can be used to add value to your home and add significant beauty.

Thin Stone Veneers Applications for Your Home

If you are interested in add a stone veneer to your home but are not sure about how big the project will be, how difficult it will be to maintain, or the cost of such a large amount of stone, the answer to your questions is thin stone veneer.  At Architectural Stone Elements, we carry a selection of natural stone thin veneer that can be used in a variety of applications.  Thin stone veneer is still natural stone and has many advantages over synthetic stone.

One of the first advantages of thin stone veneer is that it is lightweight yet still as durable because it is natural stone.  Because it is lightweight and highly customizable, it is easy to work with and can be used even in applications with limited space or weight restrictions.  Because the thin veneers are cut from real stone, they still provide the beauty, value and durability of real stone which has timeless appeal and strength.  Because they are not synthetic their color will not change or age in an unnatural way.  Thin stone veneers come in a variety of colors and styles which means that homeowners are still able to enjoy the versatility and variety of natural stone.   An additional benefit of choosing natural stone veneers is that it requires ZERO maintenance.  Any weathering or aging that occurs over time is natural and beautiful but because of its durability it will maintain the original integrity of the stone without the need to seal or protect it.

At Architectural Stone Elements, we have two kinds of thin stone veneer from which to choose: limestone and Lueders.  Limestone is eye-catching, luxurious looking stone that comes in a variety of hues including rustic, yellow, cream, blue, grey, and white limestone.  No matter what the style of your home is, we have the right kind of stone to complement your architectural style.  Additionally, you can choose the pattern you like, including regular chop, sawn cut, or flagstone and, we can produce a thin cut veneer for indoor or outdoor applications.  Lueders is another type of stone that we carry and it is great for rustic, traditional and even eclectic style homes.  Lueders stone comes in chocolate, grey, brown, blue and caramel and, just like limestone; we can produce a variety of cuts that range from regular chop to sawn cut pattern.  Lueders is another type of stone that is great for indoor or outdoor application.  Add thin stone veneer to walls, fireplaces, kitchens and more for enhanced style, added beauty and added value in your home.