3 Ways to Use Stone Rosettes in Your Home Design

Stone rosettes are an ancient architectural design element that can be found in many historical buildings.  Stone rosettes have been around for centuries and used all over the world in a variety of architectural applications.  Stone rosettes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs which gives homeowners a large selection from which to choose when incorporating them into their home’s architectural design.  When you want to set your home apart and make it look truly unique, stone rosettes are a great way to do so.  They accent other design elements and enhance the look of any room.

At Architectural Stone Elements, we have carved stone rosettes in stock and can also custom-design them for your needs.  These decorative trim items are carved from a variety of stones, including cantera, limestone, marble and travertine. This means that you can incorporate rosettes in a variety of stone colors and patterns.  And, while there are many traditional and ornate stone rosettes, there are also more modern and linear designs to accommodate your architectural style.  Reflect your unique personality and implement stone rosettes into your home’s architectural design.  Below are 3 great ways to use stone rosettes in your home.

3 Ways to Use Stone Rosettes in Your Home Design

  1. Cabinetry
    • Stone rosettes can be used on or around cabinetry. For example, stone rosettes make a beautiful accent on custom cabinetry in a home.  Or, if you would prefer to leave your cabinetry alone but still want the look of a stone rosette, you can incorporate it into the stone backsplash or range hood design.  Rosettes are a beautiful juxtaposition of style and beauty against wood cabinetry.
  2. Fireplace Mantels
    • Stone fireplace mantels make a beautiful centerpiece for any room. They add luxury and elegance that cannot be achieved any other way.  But, if you really want to set them apart and make them look like no other stone fireplace mantel you have ever seen, incorporate stone rosettes into the design.  Stone rosettes will add beauty and uniqueness to your fireplace design.
  3. Fountains
    • Stone fountains are timeless and incredibly beautiful. The ambient sound of trickling water is relaxing and soothing and stone fountains can be used in interior or exterior décor.  Use them in your foyer to greet guests in an elegant way or in your garden to enhance the tranquil setting.


Natural Stone Rosettes Add Appeal To Your Home

Natural stone home accents can be used both inside and outside to accentuate architecture, add visual interest, and elevate your home’s overall aesthetic.  Because they are made of natural stone, they are exceptionally durable and can easily weather outside elements or pristinely coordinate with inside décor.  Natural stone can also be sealed or left unsealed and allowed to naturally patina over time, depending on your preferred look and finish.  Often, it is the special touches, whether big or small, that helps give a home that custom, high-end feel.  Whether you have used natural stone architectural elements throughout your home or not, the use of natural stone rosettes make a beautiful, eye-catching addition to any room.

Natural stone rosettes are available in a wide variety of stones, colors and styles to suit traditional, contemporary and even modern architecture.  Architectural stone rosettes are the ideal accent piece for cabinetry, furniture, fireplace mantels, fireplace surrounds, ceilings and more.  Rosettes have different decorative trims and patterns that are carefully crafted to provide timeless appeal.  In fact, decorative stone rosettes have been used in architectural design for centuries and continue to be popular today, proving they are capable of standing the test of time.  Stone rosettes can be added to just about any surface you can think of and will add a certain sophistication and charm that could not be achieved with any other decorative element.  When selecting the ideal rosette, it is important to consider the architectural style of our home, as well as your personal décor style to help you choose the right rosette that will blend seamlessly.  There are a lot of ways to decorate and some add value while others do not.  When you invest in natural stone elements you not only add decorative appeal but also increase the value of your home.  Rosette blocks are also often used in conjunction with door moldings to add that something special beyond just simple molding.  Rosettes can be used on the top corners of door moldings to enhance entryways and make your home truly unique.  In addition to entryways, you may see natural stone rosettes used on walls with other natural stone, in niches, in flooring and far more.  While the term “rosettes” may sound ornate or very traditional, there are modern and contemporary carving styles as well, seamlessly blending with your home’s architectural style.